What are Social Media Networks?

social-mediaAn online social network is much like your real social network. It is your friends and your family, work colleagues and acquaintances.

A social network is a way of staying in touch and making new connections. In the real world you can’t see the connections between people. In the online world you can immediately see who knows who, and who your friends are friends with.

Once you add your friends and family to your social network it’s very easy to share photos and videos, send messages, post comments, arrange events, chat, make recommendations and play games.

The two most popular social networking sites are Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter allows users to post short comments called ‘tweets’ – which other people can respond to and share. Many people, including celebrities and politicians, post their updates on public accounts.

When you ‘follow’ someone on Twitter, you will see their comments when you log in to your account. Similarly, anyone ‘following’ your account will be able to see what you’ve tweeted.

If you join Facebook, you create a profile page which is a bit like a noticeboard. This is where you can share updates – including news, photos and stories – with family, friends and colleagues.

Facebook also has other features. For instance, you can play games with your friends across the internet, join groups of people with similar interests, and interact with topical Facebook pages about people, things or places. These pages could be about anything – from your favourite TV show to your preferred brand of coffee.

Taken from: bbc Webwise





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